Lotos Hotel in Niš – a friendly hotel which has 15 bedrooms, accommodation capacity of 55 persons. All rooms can be rented for one or two people. The rooms have cable TV, wireless internet, air conditioning, each room has its own bathroom, a room prices depend on the number of people who stay in them. Hotel in Nis – Garni Lotos.
Lotos Hotel is located in the tourist core of Niš, in the center of the city, and at the crossroads of the four most important tourist attractions of the city. The main pedestrian zone and the central square are just a few blocks away from the hotel. In the opposite direction, the three-minute walk from the hotel, are the most famous bars, restaurants and clubs. When you go out from the Hotel and turn left, you will need only ten minutes to reach the quay of Niš and old fortress, the main tourist attractions.

Near hotel, there is a supermarket, several banks, exchange offices, post office and health center. Within the hotel there is a cafe-pastry Lotos ideal for early morning coffee. Guests of Hotel Lotos can have breakfast from only 200 rsd per person or dinner from 450 rsd per person. If you are guest of Hotel Lotos, you are just a step away from all the important parts of the city and the events that you really must attend during your stay at Niš. Our beautiful city offers numerous cultural events, various music festivals, magnificent Niš fortress from the time of the Turks, and many other places, whether you want to have fun or to be on relaxing holiday.

The Ambience Of The Hotel Lotos

Environment Of The Hotel Lotos (only 8 to 10 minutes walk from the hotel)